Inspired by the recent Zombii 2 CD, the lady and I watched Suspiria last night. The soundtrack, by the Italian band Goblin, is rightfully recognized as a creepy, proggy tour de force. And we thorougly enjoyed the movie, of course. Then came the extras and this classic video:

Was it parody? Misguided tribute? Alas, no, it apparently is the band Daemonia, fronted by Goblin’s keyboard player Claudio Simonetti. Daemonia is a metal band that covers old Goblin songs and, apparently, has a budget of not more than 100 euros per video shoot. Oh well. But the good news is that searching for that video led me to this one–some awesome footage of the classic Goblin:

You can find a couple of blurbs about Zombii 2 here and here. It’s being “released” tomorrow, by which I mean that Zane and Brea will be giving it to those who find them at or around the IDW table at Comic Con in San Diego–they’re doing a signing for their forthcoming comic at 4:30pm tomorrow–and who follow the ask-and-trade rules described on their sites linked below.

But here’s a sneak preview:
Night of the Living Dead (Original Version) – Zombii 2

They had already finished this one up before I got involved, so I’m not on it, but it’ll give you a flavor of what’s on the CD. I’ll post another mp3 or two when the disc is officially out there.

I recently managed to insert myself into a totally kickass project by dynamic sibling duo Zane and Brea Grant (thanks guys!). It’s called Zombii 2: Brea and Zane Sing Their Hits, wherein the Hits are a bunch of lo-fi gems based on some of Z & B’s favorite zombie/horror films. Yours truly pitched in writing some of the music and adding some beats and squelchy synths. You can read more about it here and here.

Cover art by <a href=

Cover art by Benjamin Marra