This is where you will find samples of some of the music I’m working on now, as well as some long-forgotten gems from the vaults (i.e., the dusty box of records/tapes in the darkest reaches of my closet). All songs will be availabe for listening via the audio player, but only some songs will be available for download. As with all other content on this site, everything you find here is subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

New York City 2006-present (I’ve been in the band since 2007)

I’m Not Driving (live). This is a relatively new song live at Pianos in NYC. Greg on guitar and vocals, Bill 1 on guitar, Dustin on bass, Matt on drums, and I’m on keys and backup vocals. Written collectively.

Lips (live). Same show, same lineup, etc. Classic rock style, yeah!

You can find studio recordings (from our EP) here.

New York City 2008-present

Justin and I have gotten back to our electronic/experimental/indie project. Looks like we’re veering a bit away from the experimental and toward a more sample-based electronic/hip-hop-type thing. Some rough recordings are available here.

New York City/Los Angeles 2009

Suspiria. From the limited edition 2009 CD, “Brea and Zane Sing Their Hits.” Each song on the CD interprets/retells, generally from the point of view of one of the characters, the story of a classic horror movie. Zane wrote the lyrics and melody for this one and sings and plays the main synth melody, I wrote and play the other synth parts and did the drum programming.

Night Of The Living Dead 1990 (Cover Version). From the same CD. Zane and/or Brea wrote the lyrics and melody for this, and I wrote the other stuff. On this version I play all instruments and sing all parts.

Philadelphia 2001-2002 (I was in the band in 2001)

Playing With Fire. From our 2001 demo. I play drums, Jon is on bass, Jon and Natalie sing. I think Jon wrote the music and Natalie (or both) wrote the lyrics. Right-click here to download.

Warning Labels. Also from the 2001 demo. Jon on bass, me on drums, and both of us singing. Jon wrote the music, I wrote the lyrics. Right-click here to download.

Philadelphia 1998-2005 (I was in the band 1999-2001)

Consumerism Is Compliance (Demo Version). From our 2000 Demo CD. The title gives you a pretty good flavor of what the song’s about. Josh on vocals, Tim on guitar, Jon on guitar, Denis on bass, me on drums. Josh wrote lyrics and I think the music was a group effort, though the guitar lines have Jon written all over them. Right-click here to download.

Our Appetites Are Destroying Us (Demo Version). Same CD, same lineup, same credits, same theme. Right-click here to dowload.

Boston 1998

Audio coming soon (hopefully)

Boston 1995-1999

Beaker’s Union. From side 10 of our 1998 “self-split” 7″ record, “7-10 Split.” A song about Muppets and labor unions. Matthew on bass and vocals, Alexander on guitar and backup vocals, me on drums and backup vocals. I think Matthew wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics. Right-click here to download.

Drive-Thru Service (Arctic Tundra). From our posthumous 1999 CD, “Delwood’s Unnamed Condition Vs. The Smilin’ Mighty Jesus.” A song about mass marketing and consumer culture–nice and cynical-like. Alexander on guitar, Matthew on bass, me on drums and vocals. I wrote the music and lyrics. Right-click here to download.

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6 Responses to “Listen”

  1. LOOKA Says:

    The secret origins 😉
    Loved the songs – Family Fun makes me want to listen to more BOSTON PUNK!

  2. Zane Says:

    Yeah! These songs are fun.

  3. YoungPhenom Says:


  4. […] Fun, The Great Clearing Off, The Third Wheel | Leave a Comment  Weekday Worrier now has a Listen page, which I’ll periodically update with mp3s (and maybe the occasional video) of stuff […]

  5. yoni191 Says:

    Ahh! I wish I had my Third Wheel tape. It was unmarked and I think it disappeared into the abyss. I might still have the case somewhere. That was a fun band.

    1. theweekdayworrier Says:

      Hey yoni191, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I still have mine. I have one little, beat up box of tapes that has followed me from apartment to apartment over the years. I opened it up one day and, sure enough, there was the Third Wheel tape and some other stuff that may or may not find its way to this Listen page at some point. Thanks for stopping by.

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