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Looking back at my sporadic posts here, it seems I’m a reasonably productive blogger during the spring, but the rest of the year…not so much.  Yes, much has happened since my last post, and now that I have some music-related developments and musings to share, I figure I should get them posted before it’s time for me to hibernate for the winter (and possibly summer and fall as well).

Okay, not true. In fact, I was not yet born. But it turns out that the building where I chose to take the leap and buy my first (and current) apartment used to be an art gallery (which I knew) and used to host loft shows in the 70s (which I did not). Apparently Sam Rivers, who had his own famed loft/frequent show venue, Studio Rivbea (see some awesome pics here), played here, as did Suicide. I knew I had a good feeling about this place. This is the sort of thing that was going on:

Well dear readers, February 2010 marked the beginning of a new era in Weekday Worrier-land. I left Biglaw (a late victim of the Great Recession) after six years of work that could generally be said to have ranged from tolerably hectic to brutally all-consuming. There are things I’ll miss (besides the paycheck, even), but having enough free time to pursue my outside interests in a more than superficial way will be kind of awesome. That means more time for music and writing and consequently, I suspect, more frequent updates of this here previously too-neglected blog. Plus I have the satisfaction of feeling particularly in tune with the zeitgeist–I’ve already seen a good number of NY unemployment benefits forms and blog update templates among my fellow Tea Lounge customers’ laptop screens. So here’s to cluttering up the internet with the musings of the formerly overemployed! I know I plan to do a lot more of it in the near future.

Weekday Worrier is my effort to consolidate my slight, but scattered web presence. Here’s what to expect:

  • Definitely:  links to my other projects, mostly of the musical variety.
  • Probably:  original (!), exclusive (!!) content, mostly of the written variety.
  • Possibly:  the sort of frequent flashes of brilliance and devastating charm that have made me–I can confidently say–the second-most popular blogger in my household.