Weekday Worrier is my effort to consolidate my slight, but scattered web presence. Here’s what to expect:

  • Definitely: links to my other projects, mostly of the musical variety.
  • Probably: original (!), exclusive (!!) content, mostly of the written variety.
  • Possibly: the sort of frequent flashes of brilliance and devastating charm that have made me–I can confidently say–the second-most popular blogger in my household.

I spend a lot of my time lawyering, but this site is largely about my extracurricular activities, mostly of the musical variety. Here’s a little more info on those, both past and present:

Screentests is the newest project. We play dark, hypnotic, danceable music that layers echoey vocals and spacey synths over bouncy, minimalist bass and primitive percussion. Songs are loosely structured and tend toward extended, psych-tinged improvisations built around an insistent, propulsive throb. I’m on keyboards and electronics. You can check us out on Soundcloud.

Luxe Pop is a rock band. You can visit our myspace page here. I play keyboards and sing backup, and we all write the songs together. We play regularly in and around NYC, will be putting out scattered singles and videos throughout 2012, and are planning to release our full-length record in late summer/early fall 2012.

Nancy (Not Her Real Name) is a more electronic/laptop-oriented band. I play keyboards, bass, and other stuff, sing some, and write a lot. We’ve put a bit of material together over the last few years and will likely continue to do so after another, tastier project is out of the way–more on that when the time is right.

Zombii 2 was a lo-fi synth-rock project by Zane and Brea Grant. I played keyboards and bass and did drum programming, and co-wrote some of the music. We made a very limited-run CD-R.

I used to play drums in the Philadelphia hardcore punk band The Great Clearing Off. There’s some sort of wiki page about us here, and the band’s old school website is still up here.

I also played drums, sang, and co-wrote songs for the short-lived Philly band The Third Wheel, whose old angelfire site is apparently still up–who knew?

And many moons ago I played drums, sang and wrote for the Boston punk band Family Fun and played several things in a side project (with Family Fun bandmate Axelander) called Raymnodo’s Unnamed Condition. Axelander and I also used to book punk and experimental bands–including several mainstays of the late 90s New England DIY scene, as well as bands from the West Coast and Europe–at our loft, The Endless kNot. Unfortunately the internets no longer speak of these projects of yore.

If you want to get in touch, you can email me here.


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